THC Delta-8


THC Delta-8: What is it and what does it do?

THC Delta-8 is a substance in cannabis that can make you feel "high." It's a bit different from the more commonly known THC (Delta-9-THC), which is also in cannabis.

How is it made?

THC Delta-8 is not very common in the cannabis plant, so it's usually made from another non-high-causing part of cannabis called cannabidiol (CBD).

Does it make you feel high?

Yes, THC Delta-8 is psychoactive, meaning it can make you feel similar to how Delta-9-THC does.

How is it created?

It's made through a process called isomerization, where the parts of a molecule are changed to create a new molecule with similar effects.

What does it do?

The effects of THC Delta-8 are like Delta-9-THC but often not as strong. Some people feel happy, relaxed, or have less pain when they use it.

Can you buy it?

In some places, THC Delta-8 is legal and for sale. It comes in different forms like oils, capsules, e-liquids, and things you can eat.

Is it safe?

We don't know enough about how safe THC Delta-8 is. Some people worry it might have side effects like anxiety, feeling dizzy, or trouble sleeping.


THC Delta-8 gives similar feelings to Delta-9-THC but usually milder. Before using it, it's important to know there's still much to learn about how safe it is. Keep up with the rules and the latest information.