Can I infuse vape oil or e-liquid with POT by NOIDS?

Yes, you can use POT to make e-liquid, but not with direct infusion, because direct infusion requires a large amount of e-liquid, so the potency will not be high. Follow these steps to make e-liquid with POT by NOIDS: Decarb the buds using the Decarb function (for either CBD or non-CBD). Infuse the decarbed buds in 95%+ alcohol for no less than 3 hours at room temperature. Filter out the plant material with the beaker and filter set that comes with POT by NOIDS. Clean the beaker, put the infused and filtered alcohol back in the beaker and use the Evaporation function until you’re left with concentrate. (Use the Condenser to retrieve your alcohol for later use.) Add e-liquid to the concentrate directly in the beaker, stir until it has dissolved in the e-liquid. Use a syringe to remove the infused e-liquid. Use a syringe filter to clean the e-liquid. Voila!