Does My POT by NOIDS Come with the Right Wall Plug?

Does my POT by NOIDS come with the correct wall plug, or do I need to purchase an adapter for my region? If you're ordering from the UK, the US, or the EU, you won't need an adapter. POT by NOIDS comes with the appropriate wall plug for your region. Here are the details: Within the EU: All orders within the European Union come standard with a European wall plug. Within the US: All orders within the United States come standard with a US plug. From the UK: All orders from the UK come with a UK plug. We ensure the correct plug is included based on the shipping address you provide during the order process. So, no matter where you're ordering from, we'll include the right plug for your region with your order. You don't need to purchase an additional adapter if you're ordering from one of the regions mentioned above.