Efficient Methods to Recover Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) After Evaporation

Recovering Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) from the beaker after the evaporation process is a critical step in producing high-quality extracts. Here are some simple and effective methods to ensure a smooth retrieval process. Freezing Method: Place the beaker with FECO in the freezer for a few hours. Freezing the FECO will solidify it, making it much easier to recover from the beaker. Once frozen, you can easily scoop it out or use a spatula to remove the solidified FECO. Re-Liquifying with Ethanol: Add a small amount of ethanol back into the beaker containing the remaining FECO. The ethanol will re-liquefy the extract, allowing you to pour it into the flat lid. The flat lid is made of non-sticky silicone and is particularly useful for this purpose as it makes it effortless to gather the FECO once the remaining liquid evaporates at room temperature.