How can I calculate my cannabinoid dosage?

What you need to know before you can calculate the right dosage: The percentage of CBD/THC in your strain The total weight of plant material you will cook with How much CBD or THC you would like to take How you would you like to consume (as oil, butter, gummy, etc.) The total amount of cannabinoids in your herb is important information to collect before calculation the dosage, you can weigh the amount of product yourself with a kitchen scale. We therefor recommend only buying from a trustworthy supplier, that can accurately provide you with the cannabinoid percentage of the product. How to do the dosage calculation: 1) weight of plant material) x (percentage of THC/CBD in the plant material) = total THC/CBD you can get from the plant material. For example, if you have 10 grams of buds, which contains 20% CBD, then the total CBD in this batch is 10g x 20% = 2 grams (2000 mg). 2) If your preferred dosage is 20 mg of CBD, then whatever you decide to make out of the 2000mg of CBD from your 10 grams of bud, you need to make sure that you divide the end product as such: Total CBD (2000 mg) / preferred dosage (20 mg) = 100 parts of 20 mg. If with the 2000 mg you made 100ml of infused oil, you divide by 100 parts, so consume 2ml of oil. If you make 100 gummies, you take one gummy. Use our online Potency Calculator: