How to Quick Wash Ethanol Extraction (QWET) / Golden Dragon Tincture

In this guide, we will explain how to perform Quick Wash Ethanol Extraction (QWET), also known as the Golden Dragon Tincture. Unlike the usual 3 to 4-hour soak recommended for Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), this method focuses on achieving a better taste, especially when making vape liquid. Always Use: Food Grade 95%+ ethanol (or at least 180 proof) - higher alcohol content is preferable. Optional: You can choose to decarboxylate the cannabis beforehand, eliminating the need to decarboxylate the extract after evaporation. Steps: - Begin by decarboxylating the cannabis (or do this as the last step in a small silicone container). - Place the bottle of food-grade ethanol in the freezer, and the beaker with cannabis as well. Let them stay in the freezer overnight. - Pour the chilled ethanol over the cannabis until it is fully submerged and saturated. - Gently stir the mixture in the beaker for 3 to 5 minutes to allow the plant material to collide and release its essence into the ethanol. (Alternatively, you can shake it in a mason jar.) - Filter the plant material using the noids filter set. - Pour the infused ethanol into the noids beaker and set it on evaporation. Once it's done, you have your end product. Is 3 Minutes Enough for Extraction? Yes, a 3-minute extraction is sufficient to extract approximately 80% of the cannabinoids. If you wish to extract the remaining 20%, you can opt to soak the filtered plant material in ethanol for a few more hours. However, be aware that this may result in a less pleasant taste due to additional chlorophyll being extracted along with the cannabinoids. FECO vs. Quick Wash: The term "Full Extract" (FECO) refers to a longer soak in room temperature alcohol, ensuring all components of the plant fully dissolve into the alcohol. On the other hand, Quick Wash methods like QWET focus on extracting only the trichomes on the outer surface of the leaf. Full extracts typically have a darker green color, while quick wash recipes vary from light brown to lime green. Full extract tinctures may boast higher potency due to the longer soak time and room temperature conditions, while quick washes might leave behind a small percentage of cannabinoids. For improved flavor and color, freezing the tincture can trap residual water and chlorophyll in ice crystals, preventing them from dissolving into the alcohol during steeping. This technique can also be applied to hash or rosin, and since the volume of hash is less than cannabis, less ethanol will be required.