Is it safe to evaporate food-grade ethanol in my home with POT by NOIDS?

This is a valid concern! Here's why evaporation with the POT by NOIDS is designed with safety in mind:

  • Ventilation is Key: Good ventilation is crucial. Open a window or nearby air vent to ensure proper airflow.

  • Slow and Steady: The POT by NOIDS evaporates slowly, at a rate of approximately 50 ml per hour. This helps maintain a low concentration of ethanol gas around the unit.

Understanding Flammability: For flammable gas (like ethanol from evaporation) to combust, two factors need to be present:

  1. Airborne Gas Concentration: The ethanol gas needs to reach a specific range in the air (between 3.3% and 19%) to become flammable.

  2. Ignition Source: There must be a spark or open flame present in the ethanol gas-air mixture for combustion to occur.

Safety Calculations: The maximum capacity for ethanol evaporation in the POT is 250 ml. Even when completely evaporated, this amount wouldn't create a dangerous concentration in a standard-sized room.

However, for ultimate safety:

  • Avoid evaporating the maximum amount of ethanol in a confined space smaller than a typical SUV (around 2.9 cubic meters).

  • Ensure there are no open flames or sparks in the same enclosed space while evaporating.

The slow evaporation rate of the POT by NOIDS further minimizes the risk by keeping the ethanol gas concentration low around the unit.

General Safety Reminder: Always exercise caution and common sense when handling flammable substances. It's important to follow the safety instructions provided on the ethanol container or packaging.