Vape Liquid Extract: Quick Wash Ethanol Extraction (QWET) vs FECO

When creating your own vape liquid, the key lies in starting with a top-notch extract (FECO) and skillfully blending it with a PG base, followed by a touch of VG. However, the process of making an extract specifically for vape liquid varies from our standard FECO-making advice. The Difference in Soaking Time: In our regular ethanol extraction process, we recommend soaking cannabis for 3 to 4 hours. Yet, when crafting vape liquid, flavor takes precedence over other considerations like tinctures or edibles. The Quick Wash Method: To achieve the desired flavors, we suggest the "Quick Wash" or "Golden Dragon Tincture" technique. Here's how it works: Begin by chilling the ethanol and freezing the cannabis. When you combine the frozen cannabis with the chilled ethanol, the trichomes separate from the plant material much more rapidly than usual. Short Soaking Time: Enhanced Flavors: With Quick Wash, the cannabis only needs to soak for about 3-4 minutes. This results in a cleaner FECO, as the ethanol has less time to extract other plant substances like chlorophyll (the green pigment), which imparts a bitter taste to the extract. The Process: For detailed steps on creating a Quick Wash or Golden Dragon Tincture, follow this link: how to quick wash