What is the extraction yield of POT by NOIDS?

The extraction yield of the POT by NOIDS is close to the maximum. The decarboxylation rate is 100% conversion from its acidic form to the activated cannabinoids. That is to say, after decarb, there is no CBDa left. However there is about 5-10 % loss of the total CBD during decarb using any method. The infusion rate depends on the method and the type of oil used. If you use olive oil or butter, the infusion rate is 90-95 % which is highest when using oil. If you use another oil, like coconut oil, the infusion rate is about 1-5% less depending on the specific oil. If you extract wax with alcohol, it is close to 100%. There are many variables in herb extraction/infusion. On top of that, the rates can be calculated using different methods. Although, we emphasise that decarboxylation plays the most important part in maximising the yield.