Which POT setting should I use for which strain?

Here's a breakdown to help you choose the most suitable settings:

  • 1:1 CBD/THC Ratio: In this case, select the setting based on the cannabinoid you prioritize in your final product.

  • CBD Dominant Strain (over 10% CBD): For strains with a higher CBD concentration, use the CBD settings for both decarboxylation and infusion. This ensures optimal activation and infusion of CBD. It's important to note that a minimal amount of THC might convert to CBN during this process.

  • THC Dominant Strain: If your strain is THC-heavy, opt for the general decarboxylation and infusion settings. This guarantees full activation and infusion of THC while preventing its conversion to CBN. However, using these settings with a CBD-dominant strain might leave a small amount of inactive CBD-a in the final product.