CBN, the hidden gem of the cannabinoids?

You will probably already be familiar with the terms THC and CBD. But besides these two cannabiNOIDS there are many more, in this article we are going to talk about CBN.

Aging weed
Aging weed
Aging weed

What is CBN?

Most likely, you are already familiar with the terms THC and CBD. However, besides these two cannabiotics, there are many others.

In this article we'll share our knowledge and talk about CBN.

CBN naturally occurs very rarely if at all in fresh cannabis plants, but is created by the breakdown of THC. This is part of the aging process.

Immediately after the harvest of the plant begins the process by which the flowers of the plant start transform. THC breakdown is a natural process and happens even in the most optimal storage. According to studies, it appears that after one year, THC is about 16% broken down and converted to CBN.

What is the use of CBN?

Why would you want THC to break itself down you might ask.

This is because of the beneficial effects of CBN, this can be very interesting, and besides, it's only mildly psychoactive.

Because CBN interacts with your body's own system there are very many benefits.

CBN is best known for its sleep enhancing effect like many other cannabiNOIDS but in addition it could also help with: relaxation, muscle spasms, convulsions, anti-inflammatory effects, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

How to convert THC into CBN?

As we just discussed, CBN is created by the breakdown of THC.

The breakdown happens when THC is exposed to heat, sunlight and air which causes a chemical reaction and starts oxidizing with CBN as the end result.

We can also speed up this process by using light and air so that we don't have to wait years.

It starts—of course—by breaking down the THC.

Whether you use natural daylight or artificial UV light for this makes no difference!

  • The simplest way is to leave the plant material in the open air under sunlight for 2–3 weeks. 

  • A Faster way is to leave the plant material in the open air under sunlight + hotplate heating (100 to 110C).

  • The professional way is to leave the plant material in a UV curebox for a couple of hours.

How to make CBN oil?

First, you start by degrading the THC as described above.

After that it’s the same as making CBD or THC oil, here are the steps:

  • Add oil to the beaker with your cannabis and set the POT to the desired infusion setting.

  • After this, filter out the plant material and pour the oil into a container such as a dropper bottle.

The same goes for making a CBN concentrate, this is identical to making a concentrate of THC or CBD.

  • Soak your (degraded) cannabis for a minimum of 3-hours in food-grade Ethanol.

  • Filter out the plant material and put the beaker with infused Ethanol in the POT and start evaporation.

Let us know your thoughts on this article and if you would like to read more on this topic or make a suggestion on what you would like to read next.