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NOIDS Canna Heroes
NOIDS Canna Heroes

 "When my blood sugar levels are high, I need a correction dose. My sugar levels drop instantly with cannabis." - @sugarfree_cannachef

This article is part of the series "POT USERS - The Who, What, How, and Why." This series takes you behind the scenes of medicinal cannabis users who swear that their quality of life is improved by using cannabinoids. These are honest and revealing stories, full of pros and cons of cannabis use. In this way, we try to help you make conscious decisions.


@sugarfree_cannachef. A 39-year-old Brit who is not afraid to be his own teacher, he likes to experiment and learn from the process. As the first part of his IG username suggests, this man is aware of his diet. He must be - he's a diabetic and does not like medicines. Because of his diet, he only uses 25% of the insulin that was prescribed to him. The second part of his username reveals how he is able to do that.

What & How

Cannachef explains he uses any cannabinoid he can get his hands on - CBD, CBN, RSO, preferably the high indica strains. He consumes those in different ways. He puts it in his meals and is very creative with edibles. Anyone who follows him on Instagram will know the different vape machines he uses and will recognize all kinds of recipes he comes up with.


Cannachef uses his legally prescribed cannabinoids as a supplement to control his blood sugar. Cannabis makes his blood sugar drop immediately. It also helps him with sleep. As a diabetic, Cannachef has a natural and broad interest in food and health. He watches his diet on a scientific level with a subcutaneous chip. He scans the chip with his smartphone to read his sugar levels. Monitoring and adapting blood sugar levels is a must for people with diabetes.

As a consequence, he also reads a lot about food and health. This is how he stumbled upon Dr. Richard Bernstein, a well-known medical doctor, and diabetes educator who has dedicated his life to treating and helping people with diabetes achieve normal blood sugars. Cannachef states: "His book cost me 6.99, and it saved my life."

BloodSugar Cananbis
BloodSugar Cananbis

Diabetes as challenger 

According to Cannachef, cannabis serves as more than just a food supplement for his diabetes management; it also aids in his sleep and reduces the pain from neuropathy caused by diabetes. Diabetes is a serious threat. People with diabetes are at risk of having low or high blood sugar levels, and acting too late on these levels can lead to complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, and could even be fatal. Cannachef describes that living with diabetes is a constant battle, where the risk of complications and even death is always present. He believes that cannabis helps ease some of the stress and anxiety related to this daily struggle, which, in turn, helps him sleep better. He also states that cannabinoids improve his quality of life: "It calms me down. I used to jump from left to right."

His first contact with cannabis

Cannachef got his idea to use cannabis for medicinal applications from a friend. "She had MS, and I noticed that she smoked a lot of hash to ease the pain." That got him wondering. He emphasizes that while cannabis has helped him significantly, it is not a cure-all solution, but a helpful supplement in managing his diabetes. "When my blood sugar levels are high, I need a correction dose. My sugar levels drop instantly with cannabis." But the chef lists his diet as the reason that his sugar levels are manageable. He explains that before he was on a strict diet, his sugar levels went up and down like crazy, as is the case for all people with diabetes.

"While researching, I found someone with diabetes type 1. He achieved a straight line in his glucose levels. At that point in time, that was unheard of to me.” Cannachef is talking about Dr. Richard Bernstein, who is in his late 80s and has done incredible things for diabetics all over the world. For instance, he made an emergency blood sugar monitor and created a - at the time - controversial diet that helps to control blood sugar levels. “He’s like a god to me. I bought his book for 6.99, and it saved my life.”

Cannabis as a supplement to a healthy diet

Cannachef discusses the ups and downs he encounters when using cannabinoids as a supplement to his healthy diet. In addition to the immediate reduction in his sugar levels, Cannachef notes that cannabinoids also help him relax and manage stress. Of course, there are other ways to achieve this. “I could also meditate, for instance,” Cannachef continues, explaining that meditating is time-consuming, and balancing out his diet and everything that comes with it already takes a lot of time. “This is just a way that works for me.” he states.

However, it’s also important to note that everything comes with a price. According to Cannachef, getting a prescription in the UK for medicinal marijuanas is not accessible for everyone. Especially not for those who are unable to work because of their illness. You’ll need to get a private prescription through a private clinic, which costs on average £ 300,- per month. Furthermore, Cannachef mentions that there is limited homegrown supply of cannabis, which can make it difficult to meet personal needs without a prescription. In addition, he faces social stigma and resistance to cannabis use in his local community. He is unable to be open with everyone about his use. 

Cannabis Cooking ingredients
Cannabis Cooking ingredients

Message from the chef. 

As a bonus, Cannachef adds a final message to everyone struggling with diabetes: “Don’t give up hope. Seek help. There is a vast and caring community willing to help. I think we can help. That’s why I try my best to do my part on Instagram, with daily live sessions, recipes, and more.”